Wholesale wood pellets

If you want to get a reliable source of heat, save money and help protect the environment, biomass pellets make a great choice.

When the pellets burn, they release the same amount of carbon dioxide that the wood biomass absorbs during its growth, making them carbon-neutral.
From forest to front door, we are responsible for the entire production and supply chain. We integrate our wood pellet production directly after the sawing line, reducing any unnecessary transport.

From heating to horse bedding: wood pellet uses

A small and compact product that tackles some big challenges, our pellets are a true force of nature. About the height of a bottle cork, they are an energy-rich, low-ash, low-moisture and clean-burning heating source for wood pellets heaters and boilers in residential, commercial and large-scale industrial heating applications.

From sustain-ably managed forests and supply chains, we can give you a reliable supply of renewable raw material – and stable pricing. You can get just as much heat from two kilograms of Pellets by “G2BE Energy Europe” Sp. z o.o. as from approximately one liter of oil.

Our premium pellets also make a natural and comfortable choice for equine bedding. They are highly absorbent, drastically cut mucking out time, reduce bedding consumption, and are easy to store and transport.

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